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When it comes to house renovation work in London, Ram Build Construction offers high quality work of all kinds. From full house renovation work in larger London homes, to a loft conversion or house remodelling in your London townhouse, we will help you turn your vision into the look that you really want.

Our years of industry experience and portfolio of house renovation work across London incluse kitchen, bathroom, and full house remodelling. We pride ourselves on working closely with each client to finalise their house refurbishment and house finishing ideas, carefully crafting the exact design to work towards.

Using high quality materials and trusted building methods, each of our house renovation and house refurbishment jobs across London show just why so many customers trust us, and why we are a house renovation company that has a reliable track record and reputation in London. Whatever your house renovation needs in London may be, from a full house refurbishment to a house fitting project, contact us today.


Why choose Ram House Renovation & Remodeling Company London

Whatever your house renovation project in London may be, Ram Build Construction is here to get it done. Our years of industry experience guarantee that your home renovation or house refurbishment work will be done to the highest professional standards, complete on time and on budget by trusted professionals. From full scale house remodelling for London townhouses, to house fitting for smaller properties, you can trust our service and results. For all your house renovation work in London, we’re the team to choose.

Friendly Atmosphere

Our teams of experience and dedicated tradesmen make house renovation work in London stress free for all our clients. Their professional, courteous approach to house renovation work, and delivering customers satisfaction is always the priority.

Quality Services

Whether it’s a full scale house renovation in an opulent London townhouse, or a smaller, more boutique project of house refurbishment in a London terrace, our quality services are guaranteed from the moment you contact us, to the completion of your work.

Innovation Design

As well as our great customer service, our house renovation work across London is known for showcasing our innovation in design, as we carefully craft house renovations that maximise space and transform homes.

Affordable Prices

Our house renovation projects in London are not only done to the highest standards, they are offered at a price our customers appreciate. From small to large house renovation projects, our costs offer value to all, every time.

Check our wide range of House Renovation London Services
Full House Renovation | Bathroom Refurbishment | Kitchen Refurbishment | House Extensions | Loft Conversion


Full House Renovation

Using our years of industry experience and top quality materials, our house renovation work in London delivers desirable results, every time.

Whether it’s a full house renovation project in a large London townhouse, or a boutique house renovation for a stylish London mews property, we will carefully craft the look you want, at a price you can appreciate.

Working closely with you, our house renovation teams across London will use your vision as their guide, using their professional expertise to deliver a house renovation result that will transform your London property, making a real statement of the style you want.


Bathroom refurbishment

With such a large portfolio of projects, our bathroom refurbishment work in London is some of the most admired and trusted in the industry.

Whether you need a full bathroom fitting in your London townhouse, or a new bathroom renovation to create a whole new look that reflects your style, we can deliver it.

From bathroom renovation work that is designed to create a modernized look, to a bathroom fitting that needs to sympathetically restore a more traditional style or feel, our experienced tradesmen will create the look you want, and keep you informed at every stage of the project.


Kitchen refurbishment

The kitchen can be the heart of the home for many families, which is why we take pride in each and every kitchen renovation project we do in London.

From the moment we discuss your specific kitchen fitting requirements, to the moment we complete your full kitchen renovation at your London home, our professional skills and service will ensure that you are never anything but satisfied with our work.

We know that each kitchen renovation project in London can reflect a different style, which is why we guarantee to create the space that you want, and ensure that your kitchen renovation in London is everything you dream of.


House extensions

When it comes to house extensions in London, Ram Build Construction is the industry name and company you can rely on. We work closely with all our customers to discuss what they want, and what they need.

From kitchen extensions in London townhomes that are designed to open up to create a light airy space for entertainment and family times, to large house extensions that add to both the size of a London home as well as the value, you can trust us to deliver.

We’ve worked on many house extensions across London, so we appreciate how important it is to our customers to build something unique and beautiful.


Loft conversion

Whether you need an extra bedroom for your growing family, or a new space for a home office, our loft conversions in London can deliver the solution you want at a price you can appreciate.

As a loft conversion company in London that has a large project portfolio and a trusted reputation, we guarantee that whatever style you need, or design you prefer, we will work closely with you to keep the project on track at all times.

Loft conversions in London add both space and value to a home, and we are dedicated to creating beautiful loft extensions every time.

Step by Step House Renovation London
Check how our Home Renovation Process looks like!


At Ram Build Construction, all our house renovation projects in London start with an initial site visit done by a specialist. All house renovation and home renovation work in London impacts both quality of life and property values for owners, so this site visit allows us to fully understand what these elements are. Our house renovation work in London also includes working closely with clients from the start, discussing your design, style, and aesthetic preferences to get your goal clear, which we always use as our focus. Whatever the nature of your house renovation or house refurbishment in London, we view your property to get an idea what is going to be needed, from a house revocation in London Victorian townhouse to a house refurbishment in a London terrace, each job is unique and assessment is the key to producing technical drawings to show our vision.


Each home renovation project in London needs design and planning, which is why we work with trusted architects and design specialists. Our early involvement ensures that home renovations in London observe client designs and budgets, while also creating the look and style required, as seen in our technical drawings. To get your house renovation in London just as you want, your designer can craft what you want, outline your priorities, and help our house refurbishment team deliver.


With all our house renovation and refurbishment work in London we guarantee a dedicated project manager for on-site organization. House renovation in London can require many materials and work techniques, so at every phase, the project manager will keep you informed, and take charge of what is done, how it is done, and every element of your house renovation in London. Thanks to valuable industry expertise, our house renovations in London are done by dedicated and talented workers who are committed to delivering the best results and the highest working standards, overseen by regular project manager visits. Though they may seem straightforward, house renovation projects, house refurbishments and home renovations in London need attention to detail to deliver top results, which is why our home renovation experts are always on hand to create the best solutions from planning, through design, to completion.


When it comes to completing home renovation work in London, details matter and results are critical. With our dedicated project manager promise, your house renovation or house remodelling project in London will ensure everything is done to your satisfaction, with a follow up team for all house renovations who will finish and finalize just as you want things. For all our house renovation, house refurbishment or house redmolling jobs in London, we provide professional warranties and certification of completion, all delivered in a timely manner.

Ram House Renovation London
Some facts about our Home Renovation & House Remodeling Services

When it comes to full house renovation projects in London, you can trust us to deliver your vision. Our years of industry experience have shown us that every house refurbishment in London is different, and every homeowner looking to do a house renovation in their London property has their own style in mind. That is what a house refurbishment is all about, creating the space you want, with the look that you love, whether it’s full house remodelling or a house fitting anywhere across London. Whatever the house renovation project in London, we use high quality materials, and only the most experienced house renovation contractors, ensuring a stunning finish to all our work, and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Should You Renovate your Home?

Each of our customers has their own reasons for deciding on a house renovation in their London property, From people looking to do a house refurbishment in a recently bought London house, to others who want a grand scale house renovation for their London townhouse. Why is house renovation in London a good idea? For many, a house renovation or house refurbishment project is a way of rejuvenating their home, and creating a space that means they don’t have to go to the trouble and expense of moving. For others, a house remodelling in London is a way to add value to their property when they decide they want to sell up.

Designing Your House Renovation: Our Process

One of our unique trademarks as a trusted house renovation company in London is working with our customers to get the design they want at a price they can appreciate and afford. From the moment we are contacted, we discuss all house renovation design elements with customers, which we keep at the centre of our focus throughout the project. Our years of experience have taught us that every good home renovation, every single house refurbishment, and all house remodeling projects in London start with a design consultation, ensuring design is agreed before any work starts. Design first, delivery later, that’s our house renovation promise in London.

Costing A House Renovation in London

When people talk about a house renovation in London, one of the first things they discuss with us is the cost. With so many different properties in London, it’s important to discuss what you need and what scale your home refurbishment is on. You can trust us, with our years of industry experience and highly skilled tradesmen, to discuss your options honestly, and give a reasonably priced estimate for the total cost of your home renovation in London. For a free cost consultation for your home renovation or home refurbishment project in London, contact us today, we set industry standards at a price you will appreciate.

Get Free Consultancy of Your House
Renovation Project in London & Nearby Suburbs

When you need a house renovation in London that delivers the look that you want, call Ram Build Construction. Our free consultation will allow us to discuss and price your house renovation work, and our house contractors can offer expert advice. Your house renovation work in London is safe in our hands, we’ll deliver the results you want.

House Renovation London: The Ultimate Guide of House Refurbishment

House renovation work in London is an exciting prospect, but also stressful for many homeowners. With potential profits to unearthing old, unknown features, to creating your own look, house renovation projects in London offer a wealth of opportunity. As well as adding style, house renovation in London can add value to your home while transforming the way you live, giving you a home you may not be able to afford if you had to move. House renovation and house refurbishment at London properties can be maximised by using experienced contractors, whether it’s house renovation or house remodelling.

When we talk about many buildings, house renovation is more reminiscent of restoration than remodelling, where a house renovation can restore, revitalize and reinvigorate the old to become new. For house remodelling in London homes, building changes such as layout or extension work are involved. Our years of industry experience show us that, for many, house renovation and house remodelling in London is often done in combination, restoring original features while offering design and style solutions that embrace a house renovation for London’s modern living set.

House renovation in some London homes can introduce issues that need to be resolved before the final results are delivered, a consideration that affects cost, which is where house renovation experts in London really know their stuff and help allay the worries linked to schedules and budgets.


Ram Build Construction - Your best choice for House Refurbishment London Difference of Full House Renovation or Full House Remodeling London?

When it comes to house renovation and house refurbishment in London, the terms ‘renovate’ and ‘remodel’ are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings. When it comes to buildings, home renovation work in London is more related to restoration than remodelling, designed to bring something back to its original state, to reinvigorate and refresh.

With house remodelling in London properties, this term refers to changing a building, perhaps through layout changes or extensions. When it comes to house renovation in London versus home remodelling in London, owners of older homes often use a combination of the two, restoring original features, and making their house more suitable for modern-day living.

When we refer to a house renovation in London, the term “renovate” means to make new again, as in a custom renovation not only makes a room more attractive, but it also adds a welcoming sense of personalization.

Smaller and less-expensive house renovations in London, such as colour scheme changes, renovation or window replacement prior to selling your property can increase the chance of a successful resale while also delivering a very nice return-on-investment.

In the case of home remodelling in London, the team “remodel,” which is “to alter the structure of., entirely different to home renovations in London, which are done as “revivals” of a previous state, where home remodeling is more of a complete “remake.”

When you decide to do a house renovation or home remodelling project at your London property, especially one that completely transforms the layout, structure, and style of a room, you are remodeling it.

Put simply, if the project involves a drastic alteration of a space that breathes new life into it while giving off a whole new look and feel, you can bet that it’s a home remodelling job at a London property, not a house renovation project for a London home.

Check our latest projects!

Our recent projects portfolio showcases some of our latest house renovation work in London. Highlighting our beautiful, original and individually designed work, these pictures show just why our customers are so happy with our house renovation work right across London. From the modern to the traditional, our recent house renovation work never fails to impress.

Which Original Features Should You Save When Doing House Refurbishment & House Renovation?

When it comes to home renovation in London, many people like the potential of incorporating original features that may still be in place, which add to the character and charm of old buildings.Unfortunately, with many home renovation projects in London, years of neglect have to be addressed, often meaning original features might be missing or damaged.

Before starting any home renovation work in London, we advise clients to assess and decide which features are worth saving, and which are later additions in order to avoid spending money unnecessarily during the house finishing process. For some of our house renovation work projects in London, repair costs do not make fiscal or practical sense, which is why our house remodelling teams advise customers to source sympathetic, matching replacements.

With these considerations for house refurbishments in London, it is good to note that such replacements may not capture the fine detailing of the originals, as the removal of certain sections may actually need demolition. With most house renovation work in London, the resultant waste and debris can be disposed of free at local authority tips.

Many of our house renovation projects in London include salvaging certain elements and reusing them for house finishing, so we advise that these pieces should be stored safely until later needed in the house renovation project. or sold on to a salvage yard. During some house renovation projects in London, doing this can save time and money.

Reasons it's time for House Renovation & House Refurbishment London

When it comes to house remodelling in London, it can be stressful. Costs, decisions on style and space, each important when you want to do a home renovation in London that will transform your home and create spaces you have dreamed of. When considering a house remodelling in your London home, consider your lifestyle, your needs, and whether you are doing it to stay in your home or add value for sale.

Don’t Miss Out on a House Renovation Design Trend

For many home renovations in London,  tasteful minimalism is increasingly popular, so getting a house renovation or house refurbishment would help you keep up with this trend and embrace all the gorgeous home renovation options for your London property. When it comes to house remodelling in London homes of all kinds, it’s an ideal time to indulge in beautiful boutique designs and add your own style to your home. Whether your home renovation in London is replete with sleek furniture and modern accessories, or stylish patterns and stunning interior designs and lighting, a house renovation could make a real statement.

The Sooner you Remodel, the longer you’ll have to enjoy it.

Put simply, getting your home renovation in London done sooner is common sense, allowing you to enjoy your newly styled home for longer. Having home renovations and house remodelling done at the earliest time allows not only more time to enjoy, it gets the inconvenience of having your home disrupted out of the way sooner too. Whether for retirement or eventual retirement, getting your home renovation in London right should include any house finishing work that you may want done now, some to do later. Many of our home renovations in London are for people close to retirement, where our house finishing is the final part of creating a space where people can sit back, enjoy themselves, and luxuriate in the home extension that makes their London home perfect.

House Remodeling Adds
Value to your Home

For people who may be unsure if they will retire in their home, a house remodelling in their London property may be the ideal solution. With a full house remodelling in London, when the time comes to sell it can help increase the value of your property and make it more desirable to potential buyers. Though house remodelling in London can be pricey, remodels can be costly, the net gain is value on your property for those planning to sell. This is why house remodelling in many London properties is a popular choice rather than house extensions. House remodelling may seem stressful, but it can be a really wonderful change for both lifestyle and property value.

Garage Conversion To Add Creative Space London

In terms of house renovation London homeowners are increasingly deciding that their garage is the best and most convenient part of their home to convert. From creative new entertainment spaces to self-contained annexes for your growing teenager, this kind of home renovation is seen as a great solution when it comes to creating new space in your property. At RAM, our house renovation team in London has the expertise and industry skills to help you create your perfect new space. Our house renovation team in London will work closely with you to ensure the design of your garage renovation is done to your specifications, creating the perfect garage home renovation your London home deserves.

What our customers say about Ram House Renovation London

We heard about this company through a friend of ours who had a full house renovation in their London home, so we knew we could trust their work. Our house refurbishment wasn’t as big a project, but these guys were great, really professional and the results are fantastic. Great company.

Alexandra & Tim Boyle

Trying to get a house refurbishment done in London can seem very expensive, so we shopped around until we found this company. They gave us a free quote at a price we liked, and a house renovation plan that suited our style. We were happy with everything they did, and will use them again without hesi

Kyle Gould

After years of delay due to a new baby arriving, we decided to take the plunge and get our long overdue house renovation project done in our London property. Put simply, this company has completed a house renovation that has transformed our home, and we love it, what a great company to work with.

Jude Hobbs