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Offering Full House Renovation Work in Brentford

When it comes to full scale, top quality house renovation and house refurbishment projects in Brentford, Ram Build Construction is the company to call for guaranteed results. We pride ourselves on doing house renovation and house finishing work that is only ever of the highest quality, and always ending with outstanding results.

Our in-house team of home renovation experts across Brenford are on hand to do a range of work, from full house renovation work in larger homes, to stylish and space transforming house remodelling. With such a vast experience, we are able to give our customers the look they want at a price they can afford.

Over the years we have earned a proud reputation for some of the best house renovation work in Brentford, with many of our projects showcased in our online portfolio of house renovation, house remodelling, and house finishing work. Part of our commitment to quality house renovation work is down to the fact that we consult each client to make sure that the house renovation they want is the result we give them, without exception, that’s our Ram guarantee.

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Why Choose Ram House Renovation & Remodeling Company in Brentford

From a large scale home renovation in your Brentford terrace to a smaller scale house remodelling to rejuvenate your apartment space, Ram Build Construction is the company to call for the best results. We are proud to have many years of invaluable industry experience when it comes to house renovation, house refurbishment and house finishing work in Brentford, each of which is completed to the very highest professional standards, with work done on time and within your budget. When you choose us for your full scale house remodelling, house fitting work, and more you get the Ram quality guarantee and superb customer service matched only by our house renovation results.

Friendly Atmosphere

All our Brentford house renovation projects are completed by our in-house teams of experienced tradesmen. Without exception, we have professional house renovation experts who are committed to creating a stress free environment and delivering maximum results with minimum disruption.

Quality Services

When it comes to quality customer service combined with superb house renovation and house finishing work in Brentford, nobody does things quite like Ram Construction. Our company mission is simple and clear, with each house renovation project guaranteed to deliver quality results, every time, from start to finish and in every aspect of your home renovation or house refurbishment project.

Innovation Design

At Ram Construction, we know that innovation in design is a major part of crafting and creating the finest house renovation and house refurbishment results in your Brentford property. We not only provide superior customer service, we also have a proud and trusted reputation for embracing customers’ design innovation needs, making us a true industry leader when it comes to creating bespoke house renovations for all our clients.

Affordable Prices

We don’t believe that price should stop people having the house renovation they want, which is why all our home renovation and house remodelling work in Brentford is done to the highest standards at a truly fair and affordable price.

Wide Range of House Renovation Services in Brentford:
Full House Renovation, Bathroom Refurbishment, Kitchen Refurbishment, House Extensions, Loft Conversions


Full House Renovation

For truly stunning house renovation work in your Brentford property contact Ram without delay. Thanks to our years of industry experience we never fail in creating stunning, stylish, and customer design focused house renovations. From contemporary, full house renovation projects to more traditional house renovation work, every project we do is based on customer requirements. We carefully consult with our clients before the house renovation starts, ensuring that the look they want for their home renovation is precisely what we deliver.


Bathroom refurbishment

When it comes to house renovation work in Brentford, one look at our online portfolio of bathroom refurbishment projects will show you the quality you can expect from us, without exception. We are proud to offer house refurbishment work and bathroom refurbishments that will transform your space and create everything from storage solutions to stunning new bathroom fitting styles.


Kitchen refurbishment

For many people looking to reinvigorate and rejuvenate their home, it starts with the kitchen refurbishment. For many, this area of the property is the entertainment hub and the heart of their family home, which is why creating the perfect kitchen refurbishment is such a popular option for home renovation projects in Brentford. Our team has done many kitchen refurbishment projects, some stand alone and others as part of a large scale house remodelling project, each ending with stunning results that our customers love.
As with all our house renovation work, we work closely on the design to ensure that your specific kitchen fitting requirements are met, and we use our house renovation expertise to deliver results you will enjoy for a long time.


House extensions

House extensions in Wembley are a popular way to both add space as well as value to your property. At Ram Build Construction we have a trusted industry reputation for designing and completing house renovation and house extensions in Brentford that both reflect what our customers want as well as exceeding their expectations on quality and house finishing standards. Our work includes everything from house extensions in Brentford townhouses to house renovation and extensions on terraced homes,with each and every one specifically designed to maximise space and create your own urban oasis.


Loft conversion

With so many loft conversions currently being done to create important home offices and more living space at the current time, we now do many loft conversions as part of large house renovation projects. Our ever increasing number of Brentford based clients know that they can trust us to do exactly what they want, all thanks to our honest pricing and wonderful reputation. Our impressive, unique loft conversion and house renovation work not only gives people the space they need, it creates bespoke spaces that offer a genuine expression of each client’s unique personal style.

Step by Step House Renovation in Brentford
Our Home Renovation Process

We treat each of our house renovation and house remodelling jobs professionally and consistently, starting with an initial site visit done by one of our house renovation specialists. Without exception, our house renovation and home renovation work in Brenford is designed and done to positively impact both your quality of life as well as your property value, making the first on site visit a chance to understand how best can achieve this.

For each of our house renovation or house remodelling projects in Brentford, we take the necessary time to work closely with clients from the very start, during which process we discuss your desired design,  your personal style and all your unique aesthetic preferences, allowing us to get your vision ready to guide our work.

At Ram, we believe that whatever the size, scale or nature of your house renovation in Brentford, what you want can be achieved, which is why we take this time to come and view your property to get an idea what is going to be needed for each individual and unique house renovation project.

Our team of house renovation experts see each job as unique, making this initial assessment the key to producing technical drawings to show our vision and finalize the plan.

Design and planning are both key elements of any house renovation or house refurbishment of your Brentford home. Without exception, each home renovation project requires careful and professionally guided design and planning. This is why we at RAM  work with trusted architects and design specialists for each house renovation project. This level of attention to detail and professional advice ensures that all our home renovations in Brentford reflect and respect client designs and customer budgets, always being designed to create and deliver the look and style required, as reflected in the technical drawings provided. Our house remodelling designer can craft what you want.

Something that makes us an industry leader when it comes to house renovation and home refurbishment work in Brentford is our provision of a dedicated project manager for all on-site organization. There is a range of materials required for a home renovation project, not to mention various working techniques. This is why, at every point in the project, your home renovation project manager will keep you informed, and take charge of what is done.

All our house renovation and house remodelling professionals, from contractors to project managers, have many years of valuable industry expertise,  meaning that all our house renovations are done by dedicated and talented workers who will always deliver the results you will love and work to the highest standards in the industry.

Our house renovation projects are overseen and kept on schedule and budget by regular project manager visits. Attention to detail is critical when it comes to delivering the best results for any house renovation or house remodelling project in Brentford, which is why our home renovation experts are available to create the best solutions from planning, through design, completion to sign off.

The final part of any house renovation project at your Brentford property is the completion and handover. At this stage, every single detail matters and the results or our home renovation work become critical.

Our professional guarantee is that your dedicated project manager will ensure that your house renovation or house remodelling project in Brentford will only ever be signed off and handed over when you are satisfied with the results.

All our house renovation, house refurbishment or house redmolling jobs in Brentford come with professional warranties and certifications of completion, all delivered in a timely manner. 

House Renovation in Brentford
Our Home Renovation & House Remodeling Services

When it comes to house renovation projects in Brentford, RAM Build Construction is the company to use to deliver desired results. We boast years of industry experience that means all our home renovation work and house finishing projects are done to the homeowners’ specifications, reflecting the style they had in mind. House renovation in Brentford is about creating the space you want, with the aesthetic charms that you love, from full house remodelling to small house fittings, that is what we do. Regardless of the size or style of your house renovation project in Brentford, we will always use quality materials and experienced house renovation contractors, guaranteeing a stunning finish and customer satisfaction.

Why Renovate Your Home?

There are many reason why people decide to do a house renovation on their Brenfford properties,. Some people choose a house refurbishment to make a newly bought house their own style, while others who want a house renovation to modernize. House renovation work in Brentford is a great idea as it is an effective way to restore and rejuvenate your home, and a way to create a space that allows you to stay rather than move. House renovation work is also a way to add value to the sale price of your property.

Designing Your House Renovation: Our Process

As an established and highly trusted house renovation company in Brentford, we have a reputation of working with our customers to get the design they want at a price they can afford. As soon as you contact us, we will discuss any and all house renovation design elements and keep customers’ home renovations ideas at the centre of the project. Thanks to our years of home renovation and house refurbishment experience across Brentford, we know to start every project and house renovation with a full design consultation, meaning that any design is agreed before work starts.

Costing A House Renovation in Brentford

When you think about a house renovation in Brentford, cost is always important. There are many different properties in the area, so it is critical to discuss what you want and need from your home renovation and what scale your home refurbishment needs to be. Our highly skilled tradesmen will discuss your options with you and give a reasonably priced estimate for your home renovation. For a free cost consultation for your home renovation contact us today.

House Renovation in Brentford:
Free Consultation From RAM Build Construction

When you are looking for genuinely excellent house renovation work in Brentford, and house fitting that is designed to deliver the look and style that you want, Ram Build Construction is the company to call with the house renovation team to rely on. We offer a free consultation for any desired house renovation projects in Brentford, during which we have the chance to discuss and put down a quote for the cost of your house renovation and house refurbishment work as well as being able to give some necessary house fitting advice. At RAM, we guarantee to deliver the home renovation results Brentford clients want.

House Renovation, Brentford: The Ultimate Guide of House Refurbishment

When you decide to do a home renovation project at your Brentford property the prospect of the work can be exciting as well as quite stressful. From bringing back new life to older period features to creating a stunning new contemporary styling, house renovation projects in Brentford provide homeowners with a wealth of opportunities. As well as being able to create some much needed new space, doing a house renovation can add value to your property should you choose to move. With a professionally done house refurbishment at your Brentford property you can maximise your space and make your house remodelling a genuinely wonderful project.

Some of our house renovation projects in Brentford end up being more of a restoration than a remodelling, whereas with other house renovation projects we do they are designed to restore and reinvigorate the old to new again. When our teams do house remodelling in Brentford homes, building changes such as layouts or extension work can be included in the project.

Our team of house renovation and house refurbishment teams in Brentford have many years of industry experience, having done house renovation, home refurbishment and house fitting projects in properties of many styles and sizes across the capital. From fixing structural issues to creating a whole new look with a stunning home refurbishment, our home renovation work in London varies in cost based on the work and schedule involved.


Garage Renovation: Creative Space in Brentford

When they are thinking about the best way to do a house renovation Brentford homeowners often decide that it is their garage that is the best part of their home to convert. Whether it is for a spacious new games or entertainment space or new self-contained annexe,  this kind of home renovation is increasingly popular and worthwhile. At RAM, we are staffed by a team of house renovation experts in Brentford who are equipped with the expertise and the vision to help you create your ideal new space. Our house renovation team works closely with clients to ensure the design of their garage renovation is done to exact specifications.