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Offering Full House Renovation Work in Wembley

When it comes to house renovation and house refurbishment projects in Wembley,  Ram Build Construction is the company to contact if you want the guarantee of high quality work and outstanding results. Our team of experts are on hand to do a range of jobs, including full house renovation work in larger homes, to stylish and space transforming house remodelling in Wembley homes of all kinds, giving our customers the look they want at a price they can appreciate.

At Ram, we have a proud reputation and  years of industry experience, all showcased in our portfolio of house renovation, house remodelling, and house finishing work in Wembley. We always take the time to consult and work with each client to make sure that the house renovation visions and house finishing ideas they have are what we focus on delivering, every time.

For all our house renovation work and house finishing, we only ever use the best quality materials available, as well as our trusted building methods, both of which combine to show why so many customers trust our work. Whatever your house renovation needs may be, contacting Ram Construction is the place to start for the finish you want.


Why Choose Ram House Renovation & Remodeling Company in Wembley

Whether it is a full scale home renovation in your Wembley townhouse, or a smaller scale house remodelling to rejuvenate your space, Ram Build Construction is the company to call with the team to trust. Thanks to our many years of invaluable industry experience, we guarantee that your home renovation or house refurbishment work will be completed to the very highest professional standards, with each project guaranteed to finish on time and within your agreed budget. Our professional teams are equipped to do full scale house remodelling, house fitting work, and much more. For all your house renovation and house remodelling work, in Wembley, contact Ram.

Friendly Atmosphere

All the house renovation work we do in Wembley is done by our in-house teams of experienced and dedicated tradesmen who are committed to creating a stress free environment and delivering maximum results with minimum disruption.

Quality Services

At Ram Construction, we pride ourself on delivering house renovation work in Wembley that reflects our company mission, quality results, every time. From the moment you contact us through to the completion of your house renovation or home refurbishment, our customer service is matched by our results.

Innovation Design

We believe that innovation in design can be the key to the best house renovation work in Wembley. Alongside our superior customer service, our reputation for design innovation helps us lead the way in creating bespoke house renovations for all our clients, transforming homes and delivering quality.

Affordable Prices

As well as delivering house renovation work of the highest standards, we do all our house renovation work in Wembley at affordable prices that our customers truly appreciate.

Wide Range of House Renovation Services in Wembley
Full House Renovation, Bathroom Refurbishment, Kitchen Refurbishment, House Extensions, Loft Conversions


Full House Renovation

When it comes to house renovation work in Wembley, we use our many years of industry experience and top quality material to create desirable results, every time. From lavish, stylish full house renovation projects to a small, space transforming house renovation job, every project we do is based on customer requirements. We take the time to carefully craft the look you want for our home renovation and do the job, at a price you can appreciate. Our dedicated house renovation teams in Wembley will work closely with you to appreciate your vision and use it as our guide.

bathroom-fitting-London-bathroom-contractors London

Bathroom refurbishment

At Ram Construction, we are proud to have an online portfolio of projects that showcase the quality of our bathroom refurbishment and home renovation work in Wembley. From space transforming full bathroom fittings to other house renovation work in your bathroom, our team will work hard to create a whole new look that reflects your style.


Kitchen refurbishment

For many families, a home renovation at their Wembley home starts with the kitchen, the entertainment hub and the heart of many family homes. Our home renovation experience across Wembley includes many different kitchen refurbishment projects, each of which starts with full client consultation. As with all our house renovation work, when we have finalised your specific kitchen fitting requirements we will use our professional skills and services to ensure that you are never anything but satisfied with our work.


House extensions

When it comes to house extensions in Wembley, Ram Build Construction has a trusted reputation that you can always trust. Part of our commitment for our house renovation and house extensions work in Wembley is to work closely with customers to get their ideas clear and defined. We have done house extensions in Wembley townhouses and house renovation and extensions on smaller properties, each designed to both transform and maximise your space. We are only happy when we have created a unique house extension and completed your bespoke house renovation to your requirements.


Loft conversion

From  loft conversions that create new home offices, needed more than ever, to loft conversions as part of large house renovation projects, our Wembley customers know that they can trust us to do exactly what they want, delivering what they need. We have a large and impressive loft conversion and house renovation that more and more customers have come to trust. Our loft conversions in Wembley homes add both space and value, making your house renovation job worth every penny.

Step by Step House Renovation in Wembley
Our Home Renovation Process

When it comes to house renovation projects in Wembley, Ram Build Construction has a clear and consistent process that begins with an initial site visit done by a house renovation specialist. As we know well, as an established company in the industry, every house renovation and home renovation project we do in and around Wembley has the ability to improve both the quality of life in a home as well as property values, both of which we look to maximise when we assess things at our site visit.

For all our house renovation work in Wembley, and without exception, our team will work closely with customers from the start, discussing and finalising your design needs, style preferences and envisioned results to get your ideas clear to guide our work.

Regardless of the size, scale, or value of your house renovation or house refurbishment in Wembley we will aim to deliver exactly what is going to be needed from your house renovation project. Each of our house renovation projects is viewed as unique and our assessment is the key to producing technical drawings to show your vision and our plans.

Any and all home renovation projects in Wembley require design and planning, which is when and why we work with our team of trusted architects and design specialists. This early involvement ensures that all home renovations in Wembley are based on and driven by individual client designs and budgets, and designed to create the look and style that are reflected in our technical drawings.

Whatever style you want your house renovation or house refurbishment to be, our designer can craft what you want and deliver the results you dream of.

Part of our house renovation and house refurbishment promise to our Wembley clients is the presence and services of a dedicated project manager to oversee on-site organization. There are many materials required for house renovation in Wembley and at every phase, your project manager will keep you in the loop while taking control of everything that is being done on site.

Our years of valuable industry expertise in house renovation work across Wembley means that all our home renovation work is done by dedicated and talented workers committed to delivering the highest results and construction standards, always overseen by regular project manager visits at your site. Many people think that house renovation and house remodelling work is always straightforward, but at every stage they need attention to detail to deliver the best results. This is why our superb home renovation teams are on hand to create the best solutions from planning, through design, to completion, signing off only when clients are happy.

After all the work is done, the final stage of any house renovation or house refurbishment work in Wembley is the completion and handover. At this point especially, all details matter and final results are crucial. Your dedicated project manager’s promise is that your house renovation or house remodelling project will be done to your satisfaction, and a follow up team will be available to finish and finalize your home renovation just as you want it.

When you need to discuss and arrange a  house renovation, house refurbishment or house redmolling project for your Wembley home, contact us for advice and remember that we will always provide professional warranties and certification of completion.

House Renovation in Wembley
Our Home Renovation & House Remodeling Services

When it comes to house renovation and house remodelling work in Wembley homes, RAM Build Construction is the company to call with the team to trust. We are staffed by a home renovation team who boast years of industry experience, meaning that all our home renovation work and house remodelling projects are done to the homeowners’ exact specifications, to reflect the style they always wanted. To us, home renovation and house remodelling work in Wembley is all about creating the space you want, with the looks and charms that you love, whether that means a full house remodelling or smaller job, that is what we aim for. Whether it is a grand size project or smaller, boutique house remodeling, our house renovation work in Wembley will be done with quality materials and experienced house renovation contractors, guaranteeing a stunning finish every time.

Why Renovate Your Home?

There are plenty of valid reasons homeowners decide to do a house renovation or house remodelling at their Wembley homes. For some, going for a house refurbishment is done to make a newly bought house reflect their personal style preferences, whereas there are other homeowners who want a house renovation to modernize an older property. House renovation work can be a truly great home renovation solution as it is an effective way to restore and revitalize your home, not to mention a way to create a space that allows you to avoid the hassle and expense of moving. House renovation can add value to the sale price of your property, too.

Designing Your House Renovation: Our Process

RAM is an established and customer-trusted house renovation company in Wembley and we have a reputation of working with clients to deliver the design they want at a price they can appreciate. When you contact our home renovation customer service team, they will discuss all the house renovation design elements you may be considering, as well as ones we may recommend, and our home renovation contractors will keep your home renovations ideas at the centre of the project. Our years of home renovation and house refurbishment experience means that we know it is crucial to commence every project and house renovation with a full design consultation to finalize details before the work is started.

Costing A House Renovation in Wembley

Cost is always an important factor for any house renovation or house remodelling project in Wembley. With a range of different properties in London, it is critical to discuss what you want and need from your home renovation and the scale your home refurbishment is likely to be. Thankfully, we have a team of highly skilled tradesmen to outline and discuss your house renovation options, before providing a reasonably priced estimate for your home renovation. For a free cost consultation for your home renovation contact us.

House Renovation in Wembley:
Free Consultation From RAM Build Construction

When it comes to quality house renovation in Wembley, and house fitting that delivers the look and style that you want,Ram Build Construction is the company to call. We are proud to offer a free consultation for any potential house renovation projects in Wembley that gives us the opportunity to discuss and cost out your house renovation and house refurbishment work as well as giving house fitting advice. At RAM, we promise to deliver the home renovation results London clients expect and deserve.

House Renovation, Wembley: The Ultimate Guide of House Refurbishment

Doing a home renovation project at your Wembley home can be both exciting as well as stressful. From rejuvenating older period features to deliver stunning new contemporary styling, house renovation projects in Wembley are full of opportunities. In addition to creating much needed new space, doing a house renovation can add value to the selling price of your home, and a professionally done house refurbishment at your Wembley property can maximise the space you have and make your house remodelling a genuinely transformative project.

For some house renovation projects in Wembley, the work can be more of a restoration than a remodelling, whereas with other house renovation projects they can restore, revitalize and reinvigorate the old to become new again. When we do house remodelling in Wembley homes, any building changes, such as layouts or extension work can be included.

We are proud to boast many years of industry experience, having done house renovation, home refurbishment and house fitting projects in properties of many styles and sizes, delivering design solutions for our satisfied clients. From fixing storage or structural issues to creating a whole new look, our home renovation work in Wembley varies in cost based on the work and schedule involved.


Creative Space Idea: Garage Conversion

When it comes to house renovation Wembley homeowners often decide that their garage is the prime part of their home to convert. From a creative new entertainment space to a new self-contained annexe for an older relative or teenager, this kind of home renovation is increasingly popular. At RAM, our house renovation team in Wembley has the expertise and the vision to help you create your perfect new space. Our house renovation team will work closely with you to ensure the design of your garage renovation is done to your specifications, creating the perfect garage home renovation your Wembley home deserves.