16 Nov 2021

When people move into a new house, the first thing they want to do as part of their home renovation in their London home is the bathroom. One of the reasons for a bathroom renovation is the fact that this is the room everyone uses on a daily basis, so it is really important. Whether you need a bath because you have children, or you need disabled access for a family member,  or perhaps you love a spacious shower, whatever the reasons for your bathroom renovation in London, let us give you some tips for success.

Bathroom Goal: Forever Home or Resale?
When doing a bathroom renovation or any home renovation London property owners should consider if this is their “forever home” or a home they will sell in the foreseeable future. If it is somewhere you intend to stay, you can use colour schemes, products or designs that you’ve always wanted,  concentrating on what you really want out of your bathroom renovation. With a bathroom renovation in London, you may not have a strict budget compared to what you would have if you know you’ll be moving house in the future.

For any home renovation or bathroom renovation London homeowners need to appreciate the importance of setting a budget. From choosing the right products and materials for your bathroom renovation to deciding on any structural changes, a bathroom installation budget plays a big part in your bathroom fitting project, especially if there is no budget for overrun costs.  At Ram, we work closely with our home renovation clients in London to ensure they get the best materials and fixtures for their bathroom renovation.

Storage Needs
When it comes to home renovation, a bathroom renovation in London homes can be about creating the right storage solutions, as the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house.

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